Site Exploration Arts, Skagaströnd (S.E.A.S.), 2011

Co-founded by Tanja Geis, Henry Fletcher, Jacob Kasper and Andrea Cheatham Kasper.
Curated and administered by Melody Woodnutt.
Funded by Vaxstarsamningur Norðurlands Vestra.

Site Exploration Arts, Skagaströnd (S.E.A.S.) is an interdisciplinary arts and culinary arts project, facilitated by NES Listamiðstöð Artist Residency, that took place September, 2011. in Skagaströnd, Iceland. It brings together local chefs, Icelandic and international artists, locals, and site – specifics, for a month-long residency project that explores coastal culture, foods, cross discipline works, process, collaboration, and live art workings that culminates into a one day festival called S.E.A.S.Fest.